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Ivan Prieto is a young Spanish artist, whose sculptures present the extremes of human, hideous ugliness we avoid constantly, ugliness that is good only for

Nancy Wiley Dolls at The Dollery  Alice in Wonderland Queen 'Off with her head' (please follow minkshmink on pinterest)

Art of Nancy Wiley featuring art dolls and paintings. Buy Lewis Carroll book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland photo illustrated with her Wiley's dolls. Visit her online gallery to see her painterly dolls and art.

pidro dias

The LIGHTTAG Project - Photographer Pedro Dias and plastic artist Rica Ramos uses light projection technique with photographic direction to create stunning images.

Joo Youn Paek - Pillowig (2004)

pillow wig - oh my goodness! I want one of these! I could nap whenever & wherever I wanted and I would always have a legitimate reason for Bed Head!