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a jar filled with jelly sitting on top of a table
Hot Cherry Pepper Jelly - Life, Love, and Good Food
a jar filled with yellow flowers sitting on top of a table
potatoes and other foods are in plastic bags on a table with text overlay that reads how to freeze potatoes any which way you slice them
How to Freeze Potatoes Any Which Way You Slice Them
bbq pulled pork recipe in a jar with text overlay
BBQ Pulled Pork Canning Recipe
This BBQ pulled pork canning recipe is delicious and is a great example of awesome things that you can preserve in jars and have on your shelf ready to eat. This simple recipe is very easy to make. Mix up the ingredients for the sauce, then add the raw meat, put in the jars and pressure can. The jars of yummy pulled pork will be ready to eat or serve for company. Make pulled pork sandwiches or eat alone.
how to freeze potatoes the ultimate freezing potatoes guide
4 Fast & Easy Ways to Freeze Potatoes
how to freeze garlic in bags on a marble counter top with text overlay that reads, how to freeze garlic
How to Freeze Garlic
how to freeze garlic 7 tips for prepping and freezing fresh garlic in the kitchen
7 Ways to Freeze Garlic
pickles are stacked up in jars on a table with the words crunchy garlic dill pickles
Garlic Dill Pickles Recipe - Weekend at the Cottage
four pieces of lettuce wrapped in plastic
Step-by-Step Guide: Freeze Fresh Cabbage Heads » Homesteading Where You Are
how to freeze celery in the microwave is easy and fun for beginners
How to Freeze Celery
green onions in a plastic bottle with the title how to freeze green onions in a plastic bottle
Thrifty way to Freeze Green Onions
the cover of this magazine is full of vegetables and herbs, including celery
Dehydrate the Holy Trinity
Tired of prepping the Holy Trinity every night for dinner, but don't have freezer space to do it in bulk? Dehydrate it! Prep once eat on it for months! Learn more here !
the best temperatures for dehydrating fruits and vegetables infographical poster
Best Temperature to Dehydrate Fruits and Vegetables