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ドラゴンボールヒーローズ トランクス:未来(超サイヤ人怒り)

ドラゴンボールヒーローズ トランクス:未来(超サイヤ人怒り)

Naruto Anime | AnimeNinja:

Today the last episode airs, I have loved watching Naruto! I'm sad to see it go, but happy to know he reached his dreams in the end, Farewell Naruto Uzumaki!

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black_hair dragon_ball eyes_closed gine hug monochrome mother_and_son open_mouth simple_background son_gokuu spiked_hair tail tkgsize traditional_media wristband

Vegeta Bulma Trunks

If vegeta had not blown himself up and instead did something else (that includes him being alive) this would be how trunks and bulma felt