Valle de Cocora, Colombia

Valle de Cocora, near Salento Armenia, Colombia. The national tree of Colombia, the Wax Palm, pokes across the landscape and can grow to 60 meters and survive for 120 years.


Blue house and banana tree .Newer Older Providencia island, Colombia- so maybe my idea of the aqua/turquoise color will work with the dark green.

Indígenas Arhuacos - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia

The Indians of the Sierra Nevada are four unique, related tribes who live on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia.

Caño Cristales Sierra de la Macarena

Caño Cristales, located in the Sierra de la Macarena - Colombia. It is known as the river of five colors, because the production of algae, which form a rainbow on his bed just beauty (waterfalls)

Nuns, Colombia

Nuns, Colombia - Photograph by Russell Schnitzer: "While exploring Cartagena, Colombia’s Central District, I caught this scene outside one of the colorful city’s parochial schools.

Piece By Stinkfish - Bogota (Colombia)

Colombian street artist pioneer, Stinkfish, talks about the power of graffiti, reclaiming the city and the international flavour of the Bogota Scene.

Bogota, Colombia

Jeffrey Anderson is a born-and-raised Los Angeles-based photographer. His accomplishments aside from photography include a BS in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Bogota - Colombia

I had traveled off-and-on for 16 years without incident, but that all came to an end when I used self-defense against my attacker in Colombia!

La Casa Amarilla is a restored mansion by the river in the centre of town #mompox #colombia #travel

Mompós, Colombia, the town that time forgot

La Casa Amarilla is a restored mansion by the river in the centre of town