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two pink flowers are on top of a green cactus in the desert, with dark sky behind them
Steve Stento Watercolors
trees with yellow leaves and blue sky in the background, looking up at them from below
an abstract painting of a tree with blue sky in the background
Fresh Paint - Ali Kay Studio
Fresh Paint - Ali Kay Studio
there is a painting on the wall that depicts two bears and one bear cub in the water
Inside History on Instagram: "Seattle artist Bill Braun creates hyperrealist, trompe l’oeil acrylic paintings. His paintings are colorful and childlike — appearing three dimensional by tricking the viewer’s eye 🖼️🤯 What appears to be the ingredients for a third grade art project of cut out construction paper, masking tape, staples and brown craft paper loosely assembled on the wall is in reality a tight and precise execution of acrylic paint on a flat canvas. Like our content? Follow 👉🏼 @insidehistory (Via: @sabrinafreyart)"
three decorative light bulbs hanging from strings on a wooden floor in front of a wall
two white vases with pink flowers in them
Air Dry Clay Project ideas First-timers must try
black and white photograph of dried flowers in a glass vase on a wooden table against a textured wall
Bouquet of 20 2D & 3D Flowers in Annealed Wire, Artificial Flower, Floral Decoration, Boho Nature Decoration, Poppy, Mistress Gift - Etsy
two vases filled with flowers and candles on a marble counter top next to each other
3D Wire flowers, chic, minimal line drawing effect
a painting of a man with a beard
chuck close paintings - Google Search