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a silver ring with an intricate design on it
This unique design Stainless Steel Drum Ring is made for our music lady out there. Having it on your finger on any special occasion. PRODUCT DETAILS: Material: Metal Surface Width: 7mm
a black and white ring with a drummer's drum on it
Black Tungsten Carbide Drum Ring
A ring that is perfect for all music lovers! Specification : Material: Metal Width: 8mm
a white clock with musical notes on it
Drum Notes Wall Clock
Drum Notes Wall Clock is the clock that decorates your home more brilliant. The clock’s 12 inch face displays a series of drum notes that cleverly displays the time of day. We hope you do love it. Specifications : Size : 30cm Type:Wall Clocks Shape:Circular Feature:Antique Style Display Type:Needle Body Material:Acrylic Wall Clock Type:2mm
an image of a boy playing drums on the drum set with other items in front of him
Drum Set Children's Toy
Suitable for age: 2 to 6 years old Characteristics: 1, in strict accordance with the national 3 c certification testing production. 2, cultivate children's music cell, let the children improve music accomplishment in the driveway 3, three drum and a gong, very good value Note: with special drum hammer! Specification : Packing: 30 * 10 * 19 cm 2pieces 4.5in. TOM-TOMS 1piece 6in.TOM-TOM 1piece Cymbal 2pieces Drumsticks 1piece Drum stand total 7-piece set
a wall mounted musical instrument on the side of a kitchen counter with three umbrellas hanging from it
Drum Set Hook Hangers
This Drum Set Hook Hangers is easy to place for convenient storage, easy to install, organize and decorate in one easy step. It's great for bedroom, kitchen, and living room. It is sure to grab the attention of guests entering who will be full of smiles and praises. A wall hook with a eye-catching sign is something just perfect for the hallway. Specifications : Material:Wood Size : 30cm
Belt Size: 130 cm * 3.8 cm  Buckle Size: 9.5 cm * 7.6 cm Material: PU Leather Belt + Metal Buckle Belt Color: Black Belts, Punk, Rock Style, Mens Belts, Metal Belt, Belt Buckles, Big Buckle Belt, Buckle
Drums Belt
Belt Size: 130 cm * 3.8 cm Buckle Size: 9.5 cm * 7.6 cm Material: PU Leather Belt + Metal Buckle Belt Color: Black
a lamp that is shaped to look like a drum set with musical instruments on it
LED Drum Set Lamp
THE BEST 3D LAMP BY FAR From afar, it’s a gleaming white 3D Lamp. From up close, it’s a technological miracle. This 3D Optical Illusion Lamp radiates light in a gorgeous 3D shape that will blow your guests’ minds. It creates the 3D stereoscopic effect, a laser sculpting that transmits more than 98% light to the head of the The 3D Lamp. The 3D Lamp™ Features: -Provides over 50,000 hours of bright light -Includes an energy efficient LED strip (Saving energy) -Touch button