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a painting of a skeleton playing the violin in a forest with tombstones and trees
an image of a dragon with its mouth open and the caption that reads, just a dragon planting cabbages and watering them with his tears, you know
doing what dragons do
two black crows sitting on top of a red fox
they are in more pain than you can see
we can't help them either
a painting of a wolf running through the snow with trees in the background and an inspirational quote above it
a poster with different types of animals and their names
a poem written in black ink on white paper with an image of the words walls have ears, doors have eyes, trees have voice
Randomness...my life this go-round
an oil painting of a full moon over the ocean
Cellphone wallpaper with butterflies, flowers, full moon, orange, beige, teal, bohemian aesthetic Cute Art, Aesthetic Art, Sanat
Butterflies, flower, full moon cellphone wallpaper