Arepa Boyacense

"This Arepa Boyacense is from El Boyacá department of Colombia, located in the Andean region of the country, and it is made with yellow pre-cooked corn meal (masarepa), all purpose flour, sugar and fresh cheese.

Arroz Atollado

Arroz Atollado: This is a typical rice and pork dish from the Colombian region ” Valle del Cauca”. It’s perfect to feed a crowd.

Albóndigas Colombianas

I absolutely love meatballs and my grandmother made the best albóndigas (Colombian-Style Meatballs) I ever had. One of her secrets was to add a little piece of

Caldo de Costilla

Caldo de Costilla is a rich and delicious soup made with beef ribs, potatoes, carrots and herbs, and is from the Andean region of Colombia.

Calentado Colombiano

Traditional Colombian Breakfast (Calentado) this is also a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast, my mom made this for us every weekend, super yummy :)

Cayeye y Cabeza de Gato

Cayeye, also called Mote de Guineo, is a traditional Colombian dish from the Caribbean Coast of the country. Cayeye is made by cooking small green bananas () in