Rolls-Royce Sweptail, el auto más caro del mundo hecho a “medida” @alvarodabril @rollsroyce

Rolls-Royce is currently considering building more coachbuild cars like the Sweptail to cater to the needs of their customers.

Ripsaw EV2: Super Tanque de Lujo para Millonarios @alvarodabril

Ripsaw luxury super tank price cost terradyne mercedes lamborghini rolls royce ferrari porsche jeep tracked tank gi joe peacemaker mad max off road luxury dupont extreme ripsaw

El Boom del Cobre llegará antes de 2020, por auto eléctrico @alvarodabril

"Top Ten 10 Things You Didn't Know About Electric Vehicles." It costs only a dollar for today’s all-electric vehicles to travel the same distance as a similar-sized gasoline car would on a gallon of fuel. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

BMW imagina los vehículos de los próximos 100 años @alvarodabril

Because someone had to design the Batcycle. "No miracles. No mercy. No redemption. No Heaven. No Hell. No higher power. Just life.

Nikola One, el camión del futuro de Tesla @alvarodabril

The Nikola One electric semi-truck, charges the batteries by a natural gas-powered turbine, offers more cabin space and a panoramic driving position.The electric vehicle industry Nikola Motor Company, created a all-wheel drive semi-truck,

Tesla S: el super auto del futuro, a la venta! @alvarodabril

Elon Musk says the Model S can float well enough to be a boat

AirDog: el cuadróptero que te persigue para filmarte @alvarodabril

Capture yourself in action with AirDog - The Only Drone Built for Action Sports

Kawasaki Concept Bike: La moto del futuro @alvarodabril

Kawasaki’s J concept morphs from all-electric three-wheeler to sport bike s unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, defying description with its morphing abilities.

Renault Trezor, el concept car sofisticado del futuro @alvarodabril

Renault Trezor, el concept car sofisticado del futuro @alvarodabril

Volkswagen para el año 2020: Piloto Automático y Eléctrico @alvarodabril

Volkswagen’s ambitious I. concept should make Tesla very, very worried

Peugeot Moovie – Concept Car  @alvarodabril

Peugeot Moovie – Concept Car @alvarodabril