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The world's longest running experiment was started by Thomas Parnell of the University of Queensland in 1927 to prove that tar pitch, a seemingly brittle coal derivative that can be shattered with a hammer at room temperature, is, in.

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Nixie tubes (cold cathode neon readout tubes) were used as numeric displays before LEDs and LCDs

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9 August - in Paris, the American engineer Robert Fulton showcased his design of a steamboat to Napoleon.


Robert Fulton and the Steamboat, by Inez Nellie Canfield McFee in 1913

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chazo.jpg (273×205)

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upper lawn or solar pavilion, architects' own weekend house, architects: peter and alison smithson & restoration: sergison bates, stephan bates and jonathan sergison. from satellite.

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Alison and Peter Smithson with Nigel Henderson and Eduardo Paolozzi in London, 1956