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the best oatmeal cookie shot recipe with cookies and liquor in the background
Oatmeal Cookie Shot
root beer rum creams are being poured into jars with ice and caramel syrup
Root Beer Rum Creams.
pineapple upside down cake jello shots with cherries in the top and bottom
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Jello Shots
an image of a blue drink with ice on the rim and texting that reads electric smurf
J's Drink of the Week....Electric Smurf
J's Drink of the Week....Electric Smurf
a pina colada sangria recipe with pineapple juice and white wine for two cups
Pina Colada Sangria
pumpkin spice coffee creamer in a glass pitcher
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer
Easy recipe for the lust-worthy Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer, using just 6 yummy ingredients. Pumpkin Spice all the things!!! You're welcome.
grilled chicken on the grill with text overlay that reads, simple grilled bbq chicken
Simple Grilled BBQ Chicken | Umami
This sweet, tangy grilled barbecue chicken recipe is a simple way to make slow-cooked, delicious, barbecue chicken on the grill. #grill #grilling #bbq #chicken #recipe #dinner
a glass bottle filled with liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to a shadow
Simple Syrup May Be the Most Important Cocktail Ingredient That Isn't Alcohol
Make homemade Simple Syrup for your cocktails with this easy recipe.
pineapple mojito sangria in a mason jar
Pineapple Mojito Sangria
Pineapple Mojito Sangria - Boozy pineapple chunks mingle with muddled lime and fresh mint for a refreshing white wine sangria that's sure to be the hit of the party.
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