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a close up of a moth on a wooden surface
Erebidae: Grammia virguncula - Apantesis virguncula
a large red and white moth sitting on top of a window sill next to a screen
Project Noah | Networked Organisms And Habitats
a close up of a moth on a wooden surface
Nature and more
I like animals - libutron: Lyssa menoetius A species of moth in...
a close up view of some green leaves
The Oleander Hawk Moth is gorgeous
a large green leaf laying on top of a cement slab
a white and black moth with spots on it's wings sitting on the ground
Giant Leopard Moth by Karen Adams
a large brown and white butterfly sitting on top of a brick wall
Giant Uranid Moth (Lyssa menoetius) at Poring Hot Springs
Giant Uraniid Moth (Lyssa menoetius)
a close up of a green plant on a branch with lichens and leaves
Io Moth Caterpillar. Young caterpillars feed and move together in long "trains", while older ones feed alone. They have stinging or "urticating" spines. They should not be touched. Remedies for pain relief are initial removal of any spines by using adhesive tape, followed by ice compacts, mentholated vaseline, or antihistamine medicine.
a white and black moth sitting on the ground
The Journey of McCarthy 507
Leopard Moth. White with open-circular spots on the forewings and a metallic blue abdomen with orange markings.
an insect is sitting on top of a branch
brahmin moth caterpillar
a white butterfly sitting on top of a green leaf
Geometrid Moths
Pale beauty moth, Campaea perlata. Has pale green wings, crossed by two transverse lines. The green colour fades to pale ten in older museum specimens.
a yellow and brown moth sitting on top of a green leaf
Martin Wainwright’s 10 favourite British moths - in pictures
Burnished Brass The most common of the many moths with metallic, light-reflecting scales. Other fine examples include the gold spangle, the gold spot and the beautiful golden Y
a close up of a moth on a leaf
St Margaret's at Cliffe Photo Diary
Merveille du Jour Moth (Dichonia aprilina). Local species in Britain, now confined to mature deciduous woodland in the south east of England.
a large brown butterfly sitting on top of a flower
Hercules moth, Papua New Guinea. Often confused with the atlas moth. There are triangular transparent 'windows' in the wings. Males have the long tapered tails where the females do not. The female has no mouth. Once mated, she lays her eggs and dies shortly after.