Sonrisas en medio de besos. ♥

Aww that's the cutest thing ever! "He sure loved to make her smile; he'd do anything to catch a glimpse of it. It always reminded him of when they first met, of when he fell in love with her.

I could kiss ur lips all day if u'd let me.

I have tutoring soon 😐 I hate when I say I have tutoring bc it makes me feeling fucking stupid even though I'm not. English tutoring is so stupid ugh. Ajjdabdn I have to finish summer reading too ew.

Always you.

Whenever We Text Late at night about The Randomest Stuff We can think of just to talk to each other, when I look down at my phone screen and Smile texting you Make a Wish" then I close my eyes and wish .

Pasar el día con vos.

Imagine a day with Iuke at the beach comment if you want a imagine

If you really love someone...

How to be Mega-Attractive to a Man, even if you are not his type. Kissing you in the salt air I can taste it I swear take me somewhere sunny and 75