The Nissan Patrol,1960's model. Roy Rogers became the spokesman for the Patrol in the early 60's.

The Nissan model. Roy Rogers became the spokesman for the Patrol…

Volcan Vintage Nissan Patrol

Sure, the Toyota Land Cruiser is more well-known. But a Volcan Vintage Nissan Patrol is a fine alternative for old-school fun.

1960 Nissan Patrol

1960 Nissan Patrol

1966 Nissan Patrol, Hardtop, Rust Free, Original, Tons of Service Work

Vintage Nissan patrol

In the Japan government sent out a tender for Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan to build a “Jeep” like vehicle. In the end, Mitsubishi won by building an exact replica of the Willys J…

1979 Nissan Patrol

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Nissan G60

Nissan G60

1979 Nissan Patrol LG60

This is a Nissan Patrol - a very worthy off road vehicle.