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alexander bustos
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Chibi Baby Arctic Fox by on @DeviantArt

I know, many people would think he's a baby white wolf, but well, whatever Photoshop + Painter Tool SAI Chibi Arctic Fox

Adam S. Doyle  es un artista que crea animales monocromáticos. El protagonismo de sus obras recae en las marcadas pinceladas, que no intenta...

Adam S DoyleFoxes of Legacy Forest Artist Adam S. Doyle Utilizes Simplified Brushstrokes to Organically Conjure Animals to the Blank Page– Colossal “[Doyle’s] seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form.

Spirit fox by ~Kirikizu on deviantART

This is my second tattoo I have on my back. It& sort of my spirit fox that is watching my back. I actually fell in love with spirit foxes when I saw one on xxx-holic manga. I just love the idea an.