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:') Estoy tan orgullosa de ellos❤ YOUNG FOREVER❤ ARMY FOREVER❤❤❤

BTS' evolution They've grown so much ♥

La evolución más hermosa

I looked at this and started bawling my eyes out. No words will ever be able to describe how much they mean to me❤️

Amo esta foto

The courts are so vibrant and lively, the songs are so upbeat, definitely is going to be one of my favourite comebacks

en serio amo mucho esta foto, sólo miren esas caritas y sonrisas, me desmaye

Hobi is my bias and hes wearing my favorite color so im rlly happy

Why does this look like a family photo and Jimin is miserable about it -K

It’s been a year since BS&T came out guys :’))


Awww look at how precious Namjoon looks bts wallpaper

Oppas la carita de quien es mejor

Omygosh Jungkook is seriously TOO MUCH in that second photo I want to ship him back to his parents XD oh my gosh, Jin you're killing me

whoever makes these, thank u sm bc their eyes are lovely n their faces get me screaming

mos beautiful eyes i have seen in the universe espacially one