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Aleja Hurtado

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Aleja Hurtado
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Origami WHALE

A simpler whale. It looks more like a Bowhead. These are folded from duo 15 cm origami paper. They are about 18 steps.

Origami Cats by ~Orestigami

Test folds from copy paper Model designed by Juan Lopez Figueroa. Cats are difficult subjects in origami, I think this one captures very well the essence of the cat.

How to Make a Paper Dolphin Step by Step | Easy Origami Dolphin

Origami Dolphin - How to make a paper dolphin easily step by step. Its a DIY origami dolphin making video tutorial for beginners.

How to make Origami Fish Koi (sipho mabona) - YouTube

How to make a Paper Turtle Origami Turtle Easy Origami