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Своими руками

What paint-brush-stroke to use? Illustration with flowers, painting petals with these pictures. Clicking link takes you to someone's board with cool stuff, although in another language, neat ideas you

Джинсовый мышонок - Джинсовые чудеса! - Страна Мам:

Не выбрасывайте старые джинсы!!!

Cojín gato: varios patrones gratis

Cojín gato: varios patrones gratis (contra la crisis yo elijo...COSER)

Well we all know that with the passage of time nail art designs is getting out to be one of the most famous art work in women and teenage girls.

Looking for some elegant and stunning black and white nail designs? We& 32 of the best nail designs that can be achieved with black and white nail polish

Quilled hummingbird

Showcasing Beautiful Collection of Unusual Paper Artwork and Paper Sculptures

DIY ratones de tela se lindos >>> Haría adorables adornos de Navidad!  - Tengo el tweed de lana perfecta para hacer estos.  Necesito un poco de fieltro de lana y granos negros .:

Cute pin cushion idea DIY Cute Fabric Mice >>> Would make adorable Christmas ornaments!