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an empty room with some lights on the ceiling and a bed in the middle that is lit up
David Lynch designs meditative A Thinking Room with gigantic wooden chair
the building is covered in pink paper and has many stickers on it's side
Ibrahim Mahama wraps Barbican Centre in swathes of pink fabric
the sun is setting behind an open door on a path that leads to a building
Glavovic Studio places massive periscope on walkway near Everglades
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a cement ramp at night with a building in the background
PlayLab Inc creates "surreal" pyramidal skate ramp for LA's art week
an aerial view of the roof of a building with a skylight on it's side
James Turrell installs illuminated skylight at New York City school
an advertisement for graphic design week is displayed on a scaffold in the desert
chapchinstudio constructs poster for 2014 tehran graphic design week
as opposed to photoshopping an entire structure from scratch, the studio has built an installation that supplies the main images for their graphics and provides a venue for the event.
an aerial view of a highway and airport with green grass on the side, surrounded by mountains
Rafael Viñoly Architects unveils plans for vineyard-covered airport terminal
an aerial view of new york city with the brooklyn bridge in the background at sunset
Testing for floating +Pool to begin in New York City summer 2024
an art installation with large rocks and orange balls floating in the air over them,
Sallisa Rosa explores "the erosion of memory" with ceramic landscape
a group of people sitting in front of a runway with dirt mounds on the ground
Spacon & X designs Stine Goya fashion show around crumbling sand towers
a bird sitting on top of a brick wall next to the ocean at sunset or dawn
Falling Hours ice-block pavilion functions as a giant hourglass
a chair and table in an old room with peeling paint on the wall behind it
Traditional design techniques are "alive and well" in Le Salon de Septembre exhibition
an art gallery with paintings on the walls
Didier Faustino creates shrink-wrapped scenography for Paula Rego exhibition
an open wooden structure with benches and tables in it on the side of a road
Pedrali marks its 60-year history with wooden pavilion and exhibition