Camilo Alarcón Espinosa

Camilo Alarcón Espinosa

Camilo Alarcón Espinosa
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42 alimentos con cero calorías. #nutrición #salud #infografía

There Are Tons Of Delicious Zero Calorie Foods! – Innovations Health And Wellness - Posted by Megan Klue – These eats may be ridiculously low in calories, but they’re loaded with nutrients that can help speed up weight loss and boost your immunity

Salsa de Ajo (Garlic Sauce)

Salsa de Ajo (Garlic Sauce) 1 cup of mayonnaise 5 garlic cloves cup of fresh cilantro teaspoon of salt or to your taste 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice Blend all the ingredients until well blended. Taste and add more salt if necessary.

Alternative menu board

Laser wood board Using wood as the base for a menu board instead of a blackboard is an idea I would consider using


Arhitektura Budjevac, an architectural design studio based in Serbia, had the task to create a fresh looking coffee shop, the first one of the future “Stock Coffee” franchise. In order to transform a former retail space into a coffee shop, they.