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two older men are playing with hula hoops in the gym while another man watches
an older man sitting in a chair next to a dog and several plastic toy figures
Residencias de Ancianos y Centros de Día - La Vostra Llar
a group of people are dancing with colored streamers in the middle of a room
Psicomotricidad Jubilados y Pensionados /Adultos Mayores 2017
children are sitting at a table with letters and numbers on the blue floor, while one child is holding a plastic cup
A Peek at our Week!
people are sitting at a table with cups and food in front of them, all holding their hands together
Gerontopsicomotricidade no Lar Rainha Dª Leonor.
two older women are playing with balls in a room full of other people and one woman is wearing blue
Gimnasia para adultos bandas elasticas y Globos Rose Marie Saelzer
a child's play area with chalk writing on the ground and playground equipment in the background
Cinco juegos para pintar en el patio y aprovechar los espacios
an older man holding a blue balloon while standing next to another old man in a room
Centro de Día y Rehabilitación en Gijón | VitalAstur
two men are walking around in an empty room with chairs and other items on the floor
a group of people in wheelchairs sitting on the floor with ropes attached to them
Festa de Final de Estágio do Curso de Acção Psicossocial
an old man sitting in a chair with two circles around him
four people sitting on chairs with poles in front of them and one person standing up
Senior Fitness - 99 year old keep fit teacher - Lesson 1
the contents of a purse laid out on top of a white board with scissors and other items
Atividade de memória para grupo de idosos: Caixa de Pandora #janeiroreab