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the interior of a car with black leather and red stitching on the door handle
Door panel stitching, customized interior design made from Carbon, alcantara and leather. BUGATTI Pur Sport Rim and Michelin Wheel. The CHIRON ‘Grand Prix’ under BUGATTI’s new Sur Mesure customization program was inspired by Chiron’s famous 1931 victory at the French Grand Prix in a Type 51. The very same number that Chiron raced under - 32 - sits resplendent on the latest tailormade creation from Molsheim.
the front end of a gray suv with black wheels
three different views of an airplane in various angles and sizes, including the tail section
Autonomous underwater drones design proposals.
an overhead view of a yellow kayak with paddles and oars on the side
an orange and black electronic device with steering wheel on the front, isolated against a white background
VANTRUE Rechargeable LED Flashlight with FM Radio, Camping Lights, SOS Emergency Light Mode, Small Fan, Loud Siren, Speaker, 6000mAh USB Cellphone Power Charger - -
Rechargeable Outdoor LED Flashlight with FM Radio, Siren, Camping Lights, SOS Emergency Light Mode, Small Fan, Speaker, 6000mAh USB Cellphone Power Charger - -
the radio is black with red buttons on it's front and back sides,
Limited Edition Vacuum Tube Radio
Limited Edition Vacuum Tube Radio | Image
an abstract art piece with black and white lines on the side, in front of a gray background
Pin by Wei Ting Chen on CG Art | Parametric architecture, Form architecture, Organic architecture
an abstract white wall with geometric shapes
Architectural Materials // White tile module, Hyperstructure, by Pauline Gorelov
a computer mouse is shown on a white surface with no image or text to describe
elecomdesign: Wireless USB Touch Sensor by Eric Wei
several white hexagonals are arranged in the shape of an octagon
brave cadet
sexlane: .
the steering wheel of an electric vehicle with gold trimmings and black spokes
Button Archives - leManoosh
Button Archives - leManoosh
an abstract hexagonal design on a white paper with black and grey background,
ᴊᴏᴀɴɪᴇ ʟᴇᴍᴇʀᴄɪᴇʀ ⏚ (@JoanieLemercier) on X
a black and white photo of a metal container
Auto Draft - leManoosh
Check this out on #Black / White #Cable Management #Color Accent #Gradient #Green #Inhaler #Logo #Pink #Rendering #See Through #Speckled
an external hard drive sitting on top of a wooden table
an image of the same pattern as it appears in different colors and shapes, but with only one color
facade pattern
facade pattern - Grasshopper
an iphone case with the word moment printed on it, and a red button at the bottom
- leManoosh
MOMENT camera batterycase
an intricate white sculpture is shown in this black and white photo, it appears to be made out of paper
responsive skin
responsive skin | boston MASSACHUSETTSK
close up view of the texture of a blue fabric
Looming Large: innovation in new textile design
Dry run: Climatex’s ‘Dualcycle Net’ collection of fabrics features a special weave structure, which absorbs moisture and then allows it evaporate easily
a close up view of the front part of a white speaker with holes in it
Smart Forvision Concept Car – Feel Desain | your daily dose of creativity
concept car
a close up view of a black and white textured fabric with an interesting pattern
Search 2 images on Designspiration
a clock made out of wood with black and white designs on the face is shown
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Hexagon clock \ honeycomb wall clock \ wood clock \ designers wall clock \ unusual clock \ homedecor
the front end of a silver car with red trim and black details on it's side
Create Less Crap.
Create Less Crap.
the air purifier is shown in white and black
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