Super Easy DIY Nails Designs Every Girl Should Know ★ See more: #nails

10 Super Easy DIY Nails Designs Every Girl Should Know

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20 Trendy Lace Nail Art Designs 2016 | Fashion Te

Lace nails are admirable and affected appliance to accomplishment women’s fashion. It is artlessly a admired best for women to actualize feminine appearanc


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Con solo puntitos puedes decorar tus uñas a tu gusto,te doy una idea de cómo decorar con puntos

Plum has never looked so royal. Add some white patterns on your matte plum nail polish and be ready for any formal event you’re going to.

Mariposa 2 alas

3 Diseños de uñas de Mariposas Parte 1

New! • OPI • Nail Polish in "My Private Jet". Discontinued. Favorited by Nail Art Junkies and Polish Gurus! (This is highly sought after polish that is generally bought with intentions to either wear on occasions or to be added to a HTF mint condition collection. Because of this, it has a market value to match, so I'm picky about what I will be willing to swap this for.)

Is it silly that I bought OPI My Private Jet because I saw Kim Kardashian buy it on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?