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the cover of homemade dog cake with whipped cream frosting is shown in this book
Homemade Dog Birthday Cake
Celebrate your pup with a homemade dog cake for her birthday! This easy cake recipe is perfect for dogs with peanut butter and applesauce and whipped cream frosting. Your pup will love it! #recipe #easy #homemade #birthday #puppy
an assortment of yogurt, banana and peanut butter
Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Kong Treat Recipe for your Dog | Rebekah Nemethy - Author, Narrator, Magick-Maker
a dog is reaching out its paw to someone's hand
German Shepherd Jobs: 7 Ways To Fill Their Daily Routine
a german shepherd dog laying on the floor with his head resting on its paws, which says hi do you have work for me today? needs a job
10 Jobs for German Shepherds At Home (Supercharge Their Lives!) - Shepherd Sense
a german shepherd dog with a blue ball in its mouth and the caption give your german shepherd a job by teaching the find it command
Give your German Shepherd a Job by Teaching the "Find It" Command