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an image of some anime characters talking to each other with caption that reads, what is 50 plus? you're welcome
the penguins and their names are in different languages, with one penguin saying that they're
ღ °• not mine
two different anime memes, one with an anime character and the other with text that reads
time to cry ur balls out..
an image of people sitting at a table in front of televisions with the caption's name on them
Or admiration
two screens showing different types of food and the caption that says it's the law
a comic strip with an image of a cartoon character and the caption that says,'i'm good? '
the comic strip shows how people are using their cell phones to take pictures and text
several images of food stacked on top of each other
How to be a man... - The Meta Picture
comic strip with people sitting at a table talking to each other
an image of a man sleeping in bed with the caption'the most awkward hug imagiable '
a comic strip with an image of a woman holding a piece of paper
a comic strip with two people talking to each other