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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia by Alejo Calderón. I would like to see more of Central America

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Beautiful street in Villa de Leyva, considered one of the finest colonial villages of Colombia de tunja: de bogotá:

The "jacuzzi's" of Quebrada Las Gachas, Santander, Colombia | photo © @seecolombia #liveoutdoors #adventure #travel

The "jacuzzi's" of Quebrada Las Gachas, Santander. You like bathing, but the Hotel pools are to crowded for your taste? In Santander you can bathe in a natural little jacuzzi pool and enjoy the quiet nature Setting around.

Eje cafetero Colombia

Eje Cafetero, Colombia - This area produces coffee; nearly 700 traditional coffee haciendas provide lodging and a glimpse of traditional life, and many offer horseback tours in lush countryside with the Andes as a dramatic backdrop.

Salento, COLOMBIA One of the loveliest towns on the planet :)

Salento, COLOMBIA One of the loveliest towns on the planet :)

Cano Cristales RIver "River of Five Colors" ~ Sierra de la Macarena, Colombia

Photographer Olivier Grunewald Captures Cano Cristales – “River of Five Colors”

Colombia Llanos Orientales-Villavicencio. Mucho más sobre nuestra hermosa Colombia en

Los Llanos, Colombia - The great plains of Eastern Colombia, home of the "vaqueros" (cowboys).