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a skull with horns and flowers on its head
Anunnaki: Ode Ad Deos Antiquos I
‘Anunnaki: Ode Ad Deos Antiquos I’ (from Latin to English translates to: ‘Anunnaki: Ode to the Ancient Deities I’) is a unique framed piece of artwork created to pay homage to the Anunnaki, a group of deities of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians, the keepers of the fates of humanity. Intricately detailed, this ancient alien-shaped skull uses orchid petals to form its presence while including an encrusted Sumerian symbology, ornated by a funeral crown adorned with...
a painting of a skull with flowers on it's head, surrounded by branches
Inanna: Amor et Mors Fertilis I
‘Inanna: Amor et Mors Fertilis I’ (from Latin to English translates to: ‘Inanna: Love and Fertile Death I’) is a uniquely crafted eerie piece of framed artwork, representing Love and Death, Peace and War, Creation and Destruction. Inanna is an ancient Sumerian goddess of love, war, and fertility, and regardless of her late mythological interpretations, she is also associated with beauty, sex, divine justice, and political power.
a skull with flowers on it's head is shown in front of a black background
Irkalla: Mors Regna I
‘Irkalla: Mors Regna I’ (from Latin to English translates to: ‘Irkalla: Death’s Reign I’) is a uniquely crafted piece of framed artwork. It elegantly portrays Irkalla as an orchid-crowned queen, deathly resting in a poisonous victorian aura while encrusted with Sumerian mythological symbols and a necromantic ambiance.