Dream Gaming room

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an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk covered in anime stickers
a coffee table that has some buttons on it
Wonderful Handmade Xbox One and PlayStation 3 Game Controller Coffee Tables
Wonderful Handmade Xbox One and PlayStation 3 Game Controller Coffee Tables
a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse next to a plant on it
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I would spend whole day enjoying this view
an open drawer with headphones and other items in it sitting on a white table
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Learn our 3 video game storage tips for all you gamers looking to step up your play and stop stepping over your equipment.
an electrical outlet cover is attached to a wall
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Frankenstein style light switch plate! Turn any room into a mad scientist lab! (9.99 USD) by 3DPrintingEgg
a room with a bed, desk and computer on top of it in front of a window
Evans - Setup of 2016 (Please give feedback!)
Evans - Setup of 2016 (Please give feedback!)
two computer monitors sitting next to each other on top of desks in a room
Just another battlestation pic - post
Just another battlestation pic - Imgur
a computer desk with two monitors on it and blue lights in the room behind it
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My little piece of heaven - Album on Imgur
an office with multiple desks and computer screens on the wall, along with two chairs
Battle station - Gaming Office
Battle station - Gaming Office - Imgur
a room with three computer monitors and two keyboards on the desk in front of them
there is a shelf with video game controllers on it and the words life above it
Totally want to build this...mine will probably have to be more simple though! Plus a simple computer for emulators.
a room filled with lots of toys and shelves full of games on the tv screen
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Do have leds in your setup? Credit: @godtessa B E S T P A R T N E R S @nookaxcola @jula_gaming @camaradaboris @kadustuniverse @frollein.herzlich @bigkidgames_ @0ldisme @pcgaminghardware Please follow my backup @gamestops4 #nintendo #custom #gamer #gamergirl #girlgamer #controller #ps4 #geek #geekgirl #xboxone #cleansetup #gaming #retrogamer #cosplay #destiny2 #daysgone #spiderman #godofwar4 #godofwar #twitchgirl #twitch #switch #gameplay #xbox #h1z1 #uncharted4 #mariokart #nes #dualshock4 #farcry5
the instructions for how to draw an alien head with different facial shapes and hair colors
Yesss, I've used to have trouble with that! This is so helpful!!
a white vanity with lots of pink items on top of it and a chair next to it
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