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a black frame hanging on the wall above a white board with riveted edges
Versa Vice
the minimalism collection from lux decor is displayed on top of a white pedestal
Shop Minimalism At LuxDeco
Discover pure colour palettes, clean lines and perfectly designed forms in our new Minimalism Collection
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Travertine Incense Burner
three pillows sitting next to each other on a black surface with white and brown squares
three mirrors are hanging on the wall next to each other
Designer Home Dècor at Horchow
a mirror that is on the wall in front of a white wall with curtains behind it
Jamie Young Organic Shape Large Mirror
Jamie Young Organic Shape Large Mirror
a black and white oval frame with a beige carpet in the center on a white background
Pastille Mirror — Engle & Deutch
Pastille Mirror — Engle & Deutch
a gold metal object on a white background with the letter o in it's center
a white circular mirror hanging on the wall next to a gray wall with a light reflection in it