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Collective Design
As we look toward our annual fair in May, Collective Design welcomes an exciting roster of new and returning 2016 exhibitors. Starting this month, we profile a diverse selection of the galleries who...
a close up of a door handle on a white wall
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Oko Olo Handle No.14
Handle No.14 of 'Ocean Stones' by OKO OLO Hand cast bronze cabinet hardware for use as a handle, pull or hook. Each OKO OLO bronze handle is hand cast from individual ocean stones collected from shorelines along the New South Wales coastline of Australia. The hand finished patina creates a unique variation in each piece.
a close up of a metal object on a white surface with a shadow coming from it
Opulent Elegance: A Collection of Luxury Handles for Inspired Living
an ad for hh's distinctive cabinet hardware, featuring a circular mirror on the wall
Home Decor Ideas - Cabinet Hardware by Hendel & Hendel
Bringing design-led cabinet hardware to an interior-conscious community. With over 50 years of British design and engineering expertise, no matter the furniture, we'll handle it.