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Jewelry Making Tutorial-How to Make Personalized Bangle Bracelet | PandaHall Beads Jewelry Blog

Sapphire Jewelry How to Make Personalized Bangle Bracelet - DIY Braided Wire Bracelets How much do you think this costs? Sapphire Jewelry The Art of the

feng shui for gardens | Feng Shui garden

Idea- extension of patio with raised wooden deck around tree on other side, by extension- protects tree and give a space to sit under it for shade.

Amazing is really an understatement. Outlaw, Skyrim. #skyrim #dawnguard #hearthfire

The men and women who have put their time, effort, and soul into creating lifelike costumes are not to be dismissed so quickly by the team here at Gameranx.

climbing roses

Secret Garden A shallow pergola, thick with roses and jasmine, shades a seating area across the pool. Incorporating these plants into your outdoor room is a great way a add fragrant ambience to the space. Also: brick patio with white sand

climbing roses

Back Yard - fine art photo print nature red roses blossom botanical green plants garden

true story

"The soul is healed by being with children." I fund this very true. But not just my soul, but my physical pain reduces when I snuggle my kids or a baby. They are so sweet and innocent it is calming to me. SO LET CHILDREN BE THEMSELVES

18 books to add to your reading list

18 Pulitzer prize winning books by female authors. A good list for readers advisory if someone is looking specifically for women writers, and influential books at that.