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A Wonderful Looking Blue & White Nail Art Design
Pink lemonade nailsColors used: LVX-"Lemon Drop", @orlynails-"Out-Take", @essiepolish-"Blanc", and Wet n Wild-"D'oh!/Oups!" (Only 3 days left for a chance to WIN 100 ESSIE POLISHES!! Make sure you click the link and vote for me to be entered!)
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My nails for Halloween 2012!  OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Need Sunglasses, OPI In My Back Pocket
16 Interesting Food Nail Designs to Try
20 water decals in different sizes to fit all your nails! Use: 1-Trim,clean then paint your nails with the color you want. 2- cut out the pattern and plunge it into water for 10 - 20 seconds. (use war
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step by step Simple Do Yourself Nail Designs | Nail Art Tutorial: Bee Nails | Swatch And Learn
nailscope: Tennis #nail #nails #nailart