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a woman sitting in front of a hut with trees growing on the roof and walls
Se graduó en Oxford, pero decidió dejar su vida para vivir como una "hobbit" en el bosque [FOTOS]
a room filled with lots of furniture and decor on top of a wooden floor next to an american flag
a coffee cup sitting on top of a book next to a fire in a fireplace
an old log cabin in the woods surrounded by snow and trees with lights on it
Voice of Nature
a painting of a house in the woods with grass on it's roof and windows
FOR YOU/ لأجلك - 5. بيوت
a tree house in the woods with moss growing on it
Jerald McDermott
a person sitting on a bed in a room with wood walls and ceiling lights, next to an open fire place
Rustic cabin in Upstate New York
an attic bedroom with a bed, desk and hot tub in the corner is lit by string lights
Art, Architecture & Culture | Excellent Thangka at Gyuto Tantric College
a rustic dining room with stone fireplace and wood table surrounded by sheepskin rugs
Old School Design
a man sitting in front of an open fire place next to a wood burning stove
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a wooden burning stove