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Pudú (Pudu puda)

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Precioso animal

Leopardo ( Leopard )

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A newborn minipig
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Cerditos ( PIGS )

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Cape Hyrax: gathered for protection against the cold. They are so cute!

Hyrax ( Procavia capensis )

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Prehensile-Tailed PorcupineLike the desert rain frog, the prehensile-tailed porcupine has a uniquely... - Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo.
Fascinating prehensile-tailed porcupine...

Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine ( genus Coendou )

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Anteater family grows by six species - Cosmos Magazine
Oso hormiguero pigmeo
Hooray for silkies!

pygmy anteater ( Cyclopes Didactylus )

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10 Super Small Baby Miniature Animals - The Frisky
Long-Eared Jerboa | Long Eared Jerboa by Berilia
Iranian Jerboa (Allactaga firouzi), critically endangered due to restricted range & habitat loss

Jerbos ( Dipodinae )

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(20) @mdanuz/Zbrush / Twitter
A fossa at the Moscow Zoo's Center for Rare Animal Species Reproduction. 160 species and over 1000 animals are kept at the center, 78 of the species are included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and in the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Sergei Savostyanov/TASS (Photo by Sergei Savostyanov\TASS via Getty Images)
My Favorite Animal - Fossa Fouche (cryptoprocta ferox) - YouTube

Fosa ( Cryptoprocta ferox )

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El Jardin De Doña Lucy
Nashville Zoo
Clouded Leopard, San Diego Zoo

clouded leopard ( Neofelis nebulosa )

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Mirada de Gineta by Juanma Hernández on 500px
Common Genet
Owston's palm civet

Genet ( Viverra genetta)

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Full color illustration of a Ring-Tailed or Miner's Cat (Bassariscus astutus)
The Ringtail (Bassariscus astusus) is a member of the raccoon family that is native to the Southern U.S.
The cacomistle, again. Good lord.

Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus )

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Green Pepper on Twitter: "💛… "


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Ornitorrico ( platypus )

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Nail Trimming - Hedgehog Ville – Toronto Hedgehog Breeder

Erizo ( hedgehog)

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Ad: Herd of Sika Deer runing on green field. Deers are dangerous pests for young seedlings. Helicopter flight over wild animals. Wildlife from above. Aerial safari in Central Europe.
La Creación de Dios en fotografías.
Amazing feathers of the peacock - absolutely gorgeous. Peacock SpiritHood?! www.spirithoods.com!


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Tree-kangaroo | Goodfellow's tree-kangaroo, native of Papua New Guinea
Dendrolagus goodfellowi New Guinea Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo

Canguros ( Kangaroos )

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Hippo cow and calf
Gotta love a good stretch!


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Animales Bebés Raros | Momentos dulces
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