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a painting of a grapefruit cut in half
six butterflies drawn in black ink on white paper
Тату эскиз бабочка
several butterflies flying in the air with their wings spread out and one is black and white
Drawing: Monarch Butterflies
a painting of flowers growing on the side of a building with an open door and window
Cherry Ice Cream Smile
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Цветы Kawarazaki Shodo
an oil painting of flowers in a gold frame on a green background with white and pink flowers
a painting with birds on a tree branch in the foreground and clouds in the background
an image of white flowers on a green leafy plant with the words'photo'above it
Exercice de Style
a painting of flowers in vases on a window sill
a painting of flowers in vases on a window sill
a painting of the moon rising over water with ships in the distance and hills in the background
The Art from Siberia: Photo
a painting of water lilies in a gold frame
a painting of a city at night with clouds in the sky and boats on the water