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Omg this just changed everything? Like especially since in school, were reading a book about soldiers and kids and them being scared etc this changes everything<<without: scared child with:embarrassed child

I fucking hate Cairn. God, I just love Aelin too much and the emotional damage EoS gave me is horrible.

Yeah, Feyre went to the Spring Court ready to kick ass and get out after it was in flames. Aelin doesn't expect to get out of Maeve's clutches - or if she does, it will be to immediately sacrifice herself for the Lock.

First scene in ACOWAR, amazing!

sncinder: “ Feyre the Fox at The Spring Court ACOWAR i could have added way more detail to this but i started getting tired of it so posting how it is (also i know her tattoo is glamoured here i just thought it looked cool like, maybe it flashed on.

High Lady of the Night Court art by the-suriel-who-lived

the-suriel-who-lived: “High Lady of the Night Court It turned out darker than I expected but oh well.

23 Pictures That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

23 Pictures That Are Sure To Make You Laugh