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a hand reaching up into the sky with clouds in the background and an arrow pointing at it
Blog goals: making someone feel a little less sad🥀
an image of someone sleeping in bed with hearts
a city at night with the caption'soch agar achi ho toh khuda tagderian b badal data haii '
Sonch 🤔🥀
someone holding their hand up in the air with an object above them that says expect nothing appreciate everything
Expectations vs Appreciating 🥀♥️
the moon is shining in the night sky with a quote on it that says moonlight is the
Moonlight 🌙🥀🌙
there is a sign that says sometimes the things in life are never enough
an image of two people sitting in a bowl with food on the table and stars above them
the clock is showing that it's good night
an alarm clock with the time between 3 18am and 2 15pm on it
Quote urdu English quote
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an animated clock with the words night all written in white on it and a cartoon girl holding
the clock is lit up with gold stars
an alarm clock displaying the time in arabic
an alarm clock showing the time for someone to wake up in bed at 3 19 am