Johnny Depp

I chose Jonny Depp for the character Bottom. Jonny Depp is a crazy, overconfident, and eager character. It fits perfect for Bottom because Bottom is a silly, overconfident, honest and down to earth character in the play.

Bradley Cooper

I love his smile.Bradley Cooper, one of the most handsome and adorable men on the screen today. (People magazine agreed with me lol) Sexiest man alive last year

I don't always repin pictures of celebrities, but when I do it's Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp's Hairstyles

Details of what is actor Johnny Depp Favorite Color Food Music Role Animal Books Drinks Biography along all other favorite things like hobbies TV Show and movie role are provided.

emma watson

An entry from note to self

Mila Kunis

This photo of Mila Kunis is so gorgeous! Love the simplicity and tone! I need to try that eye makeup and hair style!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, photo by Martin Schoeller I like my hair cut this way, but my face is to fat now!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

joseph gordan-levitt i love this nerdy kinda guy look, and he pulls it off SO well : )

j-j-j-jessie j

British singing superstar Jessie J is not only a superb singer but also an environmentalist as well. According to reports, part of the concert schedule of Jessie in 2014 are performances in some of .

gosling gosling stone

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - Jacob and Hannah in Crazy Stupid Love - Hannah to Jacob "Will you take off your shirt.