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This article details 5 healthy benefits of using a standing desk.

Standing Desks - 5 Healthy Work Life Benefits - Workspace Bliss

Standing desks have increased in popularity significantly over the past few years. The health benefits of using a standing desk are detailed in the article.

Here's a great list of 15 cool office gadgets!

Cool Office Gadgets - Workspace Bliss's Top 15 - Workspace Bliss

Cool Office Gadgets can help you work better and more productively in any office. They can help you take a break and refocus or aid in your productivity.

Zippi, the personal fan will help you keep your cool in the office!

Zippi Personal Fan – a Refreshing Addition to your Workspace - Workspace Bliss

A Zippi Personal Fan will add not only some style and whimsy to your office environment, it will keep you cool when you need it!

This Magnetic Poker Sculpture Desk Toy will help you stay sane in the office!

A Magnetic Poker Sculpture Desk Toy can help Relieve Office Stress - Workspace Bliss

A Magnetic Poker Sculpture Desk Toy made by Launch Innovative Products is a great addition to your office environment. It will help relieve office stress!

This Optix 55 Elegant Glasses and Phone Holder in faux leather will add a touch of class to your office.

An Optix 55 Elegant Multipurpose Holder will add some Class to your Desktop - Workspace Bliss

An Optix 55 Elegant Multipurpose Holder is the perfect office accessory to hold your glasses, pens, pencils, markers, and your phone!

An Office Toolbox to spice up your workspace!

Workspace ToolBox - Workspace Bliss

I thought it would be helpful to create a page that will give you all the tools you need to create a blissful workspace! Keep scrolling down if you can't find something that will add to your office environment. Click on any image or caption for more information. Enjoy! My…

Drown out the #office noise!

The Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds – Bose QC30 - Workspace Bliss

Bose QC30 Noise Cancelling BlueTooth Earbuds in my opinion are some of the finest earbuds you can purchase to eliminate outside noise.

Ditch the Company Microwave with a Crock-Pot Food Warmer | Cubicle Bliss | | If you always hated waiting in line in the office cafeteria for a microwave, this Crock-Pot food warmer will make your working day!  It's inexpensive and heats up your leftovers or anything you need heated up so that you can eat it right at your desk.  If you want to bring it into the cafeteria you can carry it in using the convenient handle.

A Crock-Pot Food Warmer will let you Ditch the Company Microwave - Workspace Bliss

If you are tired of waiting in line for company microwave, you might want to look into this really cool Crock-Pot Food Warmer!

Cubii Jr: Mini Elliptical Exerciser For Use Under Desks #ellipticalexercise


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Organize your cables in style! #office #cubicle

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizers – A Review - Workspace Bliss

Cable clip organizers will help you get rid of the cable clutter in your office and it will keep you safe from a potential tripping hazard.

Top 12 Cubicle Bliss youTube Videos - Cubicle Bliss

I've created many Cubicle Bliss youTube Videos so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase any products on this site.

Could you use a headphone hanger in your #office or #cubicle?

A Headphone Hanger will help Organize your Work Space - Workspace Bliss

A 6AMLifeStyle Headphone Hanger is a great addition to your office space. It will keep your headphones close by and organize your work space!

Is office noise an issue for you? This article will help!

Office Noise Solutions to Improve your Workplace - Workspace Bliss

Office noise can create a negative workplace. This article delves into some office noise solutions to improve your workplace environment.

Drown out the distractions in your #office or #cubicle with this foldable headset from Panasonic!

A Panasonic Headset is a Valuable Cubicle and Office Accessory - Workspace Bliss

A Panasonic Headset is a great value if you are looking for a solution for your work or home office. It is collapsible and of high quality.

Keep your Lunch Cold at Work with a Portable Mini Refrigerator | Cubicle Bliss | @CubicleBliss | | This is the refrigerator I bought for my office. My daughter also has the same one in her dorm at college.

Keep your Lunch Cold at Work with a Portable Mini Refrigerator - Workspace Bliss

If you want to have a great mini fridge in your office or home, this portable mini refrigerator will be your perfect solution!

My Top 10 ergonomic gift ideas that HE will love and cherish long after the wrapping paper is thrown away!

10 Great Ergonomic Gift Ideas for the Home and Office Worker

My Top 10 ergonomic gift ideas that HE will love and cherish long after the wrapping paper is thrown away!