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Alterro at la costa

This island would be so functional- then have a huge person table). The kids could eat breakfast at the island. Arterro La Costa, models by Design Line Interiors for Davidson Communities.

This turmeric smoothie is packed with fresh pineapple and banana, for a healthy, refreshing drink that tastes like a piña colada.

1 inch piece fresh turmeric, peeled (or 1 tsp. dried turmeric) 1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled 1 frozen banana 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks 1 cup unflavored soy or almond milk (could substitute some or all with coconut milk) 1 tsp.


This is the famous healing coconut turmeric smoothie! Turmeric reduces inflammation, aids digestion, and fights pain. If you are feeling adventurous you can blend in two cloves of garlic with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Chai, almond and coconut smoothie. (I would leave out the honey, it''s naturally sweet enough)

From Don Colbert, M. Chai spices have long been known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. Raw maca powder is a natural root that is said to balance hormones, decrease anxiety, and boost energy levels and libido. Almond but

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Peanut Butter Banana Ice CreamServings: bananas, peeled and tablespoon natural peanut tablespoons mini chocolate chipsPREPARATIONBlend frozen bananas in a food processor until smooth. Transfer to a freezer-safe container a