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why luke just why?!?!??!?!?!  why must it be so cute?!?!?!?!

Luke eats pizza like a me🎶i love pizza🎵pizza🎧luke🍕

Oh my god totally true!<<<haha no I would be too sarcastic<<< and then the murderer drops the gun and fangirls

I do what I want I'm punk rock ✶❀❅✰❅❀✶

Inspiring image 5 seconds of summer, luke hemmings, michael clifford, red hair, muke by KSENIA_L - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Liz Hemmings ships Muke XD

Omg i love her<<Liz is just great can we take a moment to just appreciate her amazingness!>>even Liz ships Muke!

And people wonder why I'm dying to see a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert.I love them so much.

In love with this edit!

Rollin like a stone, I am a penguin, Nice shoes lets fuck, common sense company best ass plays bass.

.lol this is me xD

My friends are always asking me stuff about them trying to stump me but asking me stuff like their middle names and birthdays and when I answer they're like "oh my God you're a stalker!" And I'm like THOSE ARE THE EASIEST QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD!

Luke imagine

After that last box I'd just grab him and kiss him to shut him up and wow give me an inhaler<< omg someone thinks the same as me