Juan Gomez Duran

Juan Gomez Duran

Juan Gomez Duran
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sukunfuku studio periscope triumph pavilion 2015

sukunfuku studio has received prize in the triumph pavilion 2015 competition with their proposal for a periscope structure offering a sky-oriented view.

Lake Seljord is inhabited by a giant eel-like sea monster named Selma...or so say the residents of Seljord, Norway. Like Nessie, Bigfoot, and the Yeti, there are hundreds of witnesses who have seen Selma in the lake, but there is little credible evidence to prove she is a reality. But that doesn't stop the tourists from visiting the famous Lake Seljord and attempting to catch a glimpse of her. In 2008, the town decided to capitalize on the lore by building a lookout tower

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Gallery of Periscope Tower / OOPEAA - 29

The Periscope Tower is a giant wooden periscope structure that serves as an observation tower and engages the viewer in a dialogue with the landscape.