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Marvel grows its actors on a big talent farm. Chris Evans helping clean up will forever be one of my favorite Marvel movies for The Avengers franchise is just perfect. Loki God Of Mischief, Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Avengers Memes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Dc Comics, Avengers Cast, Marvel Actors, Fandoms

They nailed the casting…

Funny pictures about They nailed the casting.... Oh, and cool pics about They nailed the casting.... Also, They nailed the casting... photos.

Welcome to the Avengers fandom! Where we go bat shit crazy because Marvel won't tell us what happened in Budapest. Funny Marvel Memes, Marvel Jokes, Dc Memes, Avengers Memes, Marvel Avengers, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Marvel Comics, Marvel Heroes

Just like Budapest all over again…

Funny pictures about Just like Budapest all over again.... Oh, and cool pics about Just like Budapest all over again.... Also, Just like Budapest all over again... photos.

The Arc Reactor behind the scenes. How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron Man and Avengers movies. Marvel Dc, Marvel Comics, Dc Memes, Marvel Memes, Avengers Movies, Marvel Avengers, Superhero Movies, Robert Downey Jr., Arc Reactor


Thank you for giving us the gift to do what we loved doing, every single day.

An epic collection of funny pictures about the film “The Avengers” to laugh at. If you liked the new Avengers film you will defiantly love these. Avengers Humor, The Avengers, Memes Marvel, Dc Memes, Marvel Funny, Marvel Dc Comics, Funny Memes, Superhero Humor, Thor Meme

Can’t even handle me…

Funny pictures about Can't even handle me.... Oh, and cool pics about Can't even handle me.... Also, Can't even handle me... photos.

Funny pictures about The magic of Joss Whedon. Oh, and cool pics about The magic of Joss Whedon. Also, The magic of Joss Whedon. Dc Memes, Marvel Memes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics, Avengers Memes, Marvel Actors, Joss Whedon, Buffy, Avengers

The magic of Joss Whedon…

Funny pictures about The magic of Joss Whedon.... Oh, and cool pics about The magic of Joss Whedon.... Also, The magic of Joss Whedon... photos.

Lol that's why Iron Man and Thor are the best Avengers Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Avengers Memes, Avengers Imagines, Marvel Universe, Fangirl, Dc Memes, Fandoms

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The super powers of the avengers Avengers Humor, Funny Marvel Memes, Avengers Cast, Marvel Jokes, Dc Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Avengers Quotes

Getting an English breakfast hot on the plate at the same time is actually pretty damned impressive

Avengers actors guess which person plays the frost giant Loki Tom Hiddleston. This is partially angle/perspective really bc he and Chris Hemsworth are about the same height. Marvel Jokes, Avengers Memes, Marvel Funny, Marvel Avengers, Avengers Cast, Loki Funny, Avengers Actors, Loki God Of Mischief, Thomas William Hiddleston

Mycroft is the queen of England

I'm 33, a huge fan of Mark Gatiss, british comedy, and I regret nothing.

Oh Robert Downey Jr.he reasons why I love you are endless You Smile, Lol, Robert Downey Jr., The Meta Picture, Downey Junior, Adult Humor, Betta, Laugh Out Loud, The Funny


Funny pictures about Twilight?. Oh, and cool pics about Twilight?. Also, Twilight? photos.

The Avengers: S.D Agents; hawkeye looks like he's stuck and black widow just doesn't care Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers, Photomontage, Clintasha, Die Rächer, Nerd, Clint Barton, Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye

The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D Agents by MadCorvus on DeviantArt

Yes, I really am obsessed with BlackHawk right now. That's good news for you because I'm gonna make some more manipulations real soon~! The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D Agents

This scene is the best, because it was Tom playing Loki, and Loki playing Captain America; but then it was Chris Evans playing Steve Rogers, while acting Tom's Loki impersonation of Captain America. Loki Thor, Tom Hiddleston Loki, Loki Laufeyson, Loki Marvel, Marvel Heroes, Dc Movies, Marvel Movies, Oki Doki, The Dark World


Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) share a laugh on the set of Thor (gif) Loki & Thor, Loki Laufeyson, Marvel Avengers, Loki Gif, Marvel Actors, Marvel Memes, Thomas William Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston Loki, Bucky Barnes

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