Sierra Nevada Del Guican, Cocuy, Colombia

The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Chita o Guican National Natural Park and highlands are within the Cordillera Oriental mountain range in the Andes Mountains of Colombia.

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia, snow!

The Pulpito del Diablo: Standing out of the ice like an emblem of Sierra Nevada, more than high. On top of the Nevada Del Cocuy this rock Formation is located in an altitude of about Do you dare to climb up here?

Cholao from Cali - Colombia

Cholado -- These are DELISH! Cholado or Raspao is a cold beverage common in Colombia. It is made from crushed ice, fruit and/or fruit syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and is sometimes topped with whipped cream.

Colombian soda

It tastes like cream soda and its real good when poured into beer.

Desierto de la Uribia - Guajira , Colombia.

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