{DIY Super EASY Fingerless Gloves} from Old Socks!

Cut off socks above ankles at length you want your gloves. Turn Socks inside out. Sew three “Vs” on raw edge for 4 fingers (see photo). Cut between stitched V’s to create fingers. Put on glove and mark where thumb is. Cut inch slit for thumb.

HOW TO: Turn a Scarf into a Vest

HOW TO: Turn a Scarf into a Vest. Excited to learn this trick to add to my scarf fetish.

3 ideas para reciclar una camiseta sin coser #DIY

Estas 3 ideas para reciclar tu camiseta vieja sin coser te dejarán asombrado

3 manières de donner une seconde vie à vos t-shirts (simple et sans couture)