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Luis Demetrio Llanos

Luis Demetrio Llanos
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~Carnevale di Venezia~

The jester was dangerous. Even with his gaudy costume and mask, he could slip in and out of rooms unseen, and no one would ever know he was there. He hoarded information like a miser, and had no qualms about using it to suit his purposes.

Venetian, 2011

Venetian Carnevale costume, white, with touches of gold and black.


Amazing black and gold Venetian carnival mask.

❤ - Carnival, Venice, 2011

traditional Venetian feathered headpiece and mask - Venice Carnival Italy adriatic sea ash carneval mask carnival city colourful destination


Three face mask, canival in venice, masks and customes venice carnival. Very impressive and a bit scary.


Handmade Venetian Masks - okay so your probably wondering why I put masks on my board "The Dark Side" well frankly masks are like clowns, they hide who you are and are a little creepy!

~A Venetian carnival mask~  #venice #carnival #mask

A Venetian carnival mask. there are hundreds of shop windows with these most amazing masks on display; incredibly artistic and ornate designs!

venice carnival | Tumblr

It is that time of the year.Silver Venetian Mask, by Massimo Santo.


Full face gold and red mask. Kind of reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender firenation.

Blue Dragon Mask #Blue.  My nephews would think that i was the coolest aunt ever,  if i made this for them!!!

Blue Dragon Mask My nephews would think that i was the coolest aunt…