Jirijirimo, Vaupés, Colombia

Guinia: A Trip Through The Land Of Magical Realism - Colombia

Ciudad Perdida (Colombia)  Teyuna en el departamento del Magdalena

Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) founded about 800 AD, is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. Is also known as and the native american call it Teyuna

"How not to love Colombia, if it's the only country that God paints the flag colors in its heaven.

La laguna de Guatavita

incredible-crater-lakes-Guatavita-Colombia - Travels And Living

Caño Cristales, sierra de la Macarena

Caño Cristales, sierra de la Macarena

Parque nacional natural El Cocuy, Boyacá

No need to travel far to go from the desert, to lush jungles, multicolor seas, and snow peaks. You can be in any of those within an hour in Colombia.