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the gore magala. a beast that was hunted to extinction because of what it could do. so what happens when a magala faunus is abused in his earlier years,and wha. Monster Hunter Art, Monster Art, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Creature Concept Art, Creature Design, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Dragon Rey, Cool Monsters


edwardgan: “ Gore Magala is a bitch to fight, to draw and to paint… Tigrex is here ”

Success - The season was long and fraught with danger, great storms, predictors and hunters, one by one the Lagiacrus. Monster Hunter Series, Monster Hunter Art, Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Cry Anime, Anime Art, Aliens, Pokemon Realistic, Monster Hunter

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Success - The season was long and fraught with danger, great storms, predictors and hunters, one by one the Lagiacrus... Success

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Review: Monster Hunter Generations

Review: Monster Hunter Generations: It occurred to me while writing this review that Monster Hunter is my Dark Souls. Yes yes, Monster…

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I met him, I protected him, I befriended him, I travelled by his side, I fought for him, I did everything everyone said because of his faith in me and now I can't believe I am loosing him.. He is dead infront of me. I can save him. I can make his warm heart of a Merman into a cold frozen heart of a Vampire. But will he ever forgive me for this. Xiao Zhan, don't hate me, I love you. And the sharp canines of the Vampire Prince, Wang Yibo sunk deep into the Merman Xiao Zhan, piercing his skin…