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Suga ❤ that’s a concept

Suga ❤ that’s a concept

bbrae_sketch_dump_by_shock777-d8stv94.jpg (518×1543) #bb-8 #spherobb8 #bb8 #starwars #friki

here's my colored version of the sketchy sketchy style of my drawing here:  idk i just love drawing sketchy sometimes vuv  bb and rae(c)dc comics and glen murakami 

Kai. I'm always so impressed with fanart.

sempre achei o kai parecido com o johnny depp, adorei essa fanart 'ㅅ'

Sehun fanart

His hair does this, and then I'm like every other normal girl, I guess. but can you forgive me if I have been missing you? My heart is a whore.