El Lago de Tota, Boyacá, Colombia

The Lago de Tota is the biggest lake in Colombia. There are several small islands, a perfect setting for a canoe or kayak ride across the lake. Also, you can try more adventurous watersports like water ski or diving.

After 1 month in Colombia, here are 30 things that nobody told us about backpacking in Colombia! #Colombia #Travel #Backpacking

30 Things Nobody Tells You About Backpacking in Colombia

We spent 1 month in Colombia. Here are 30 things that nobody told us before we went backpacking in Colombia!

El Peñol de Guatapé, Colombia

Weekly Photo: El Peñol in Colombia

CASCADA LA TAJUMBINA, MUNICIPIO DE LA CRUZ, DEPARTAMENTO DE NARIÑO, COLOMBIA. Parque Nacional Natural Doña Juana, Nariño. Fotógrafo: Archivo iM Editores.

Waterfall of Tajumbina, located in the National Park of Doña Juana, Nariño.